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New Patients at Connect Chiropractic and Wellness

When you book your appointment with Connect Chiropractic and Wellness, we’ll send you a link to complete our new patient paperwork online. Please bring your ID and any recent imaging or reports you have that are relevant to your situation. Since we’ll assess your mobility, we ask that you wear clothing that you can move around in.

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Your First Visit

Your first visit is our “information gathering” visit. We’ll greet you and welcome you into the practice. Then you’ll meet with your chiropractor to discuss your health history and what has prompted you to seek care. They’ll take their time, letting you tell your story in your own way—we want all of our patients to feel heard and understood.

Next, your chiropractor will conduct a thorough examination, including musculoskeletal and neurological evaluations, X-rays as needed, and a Stress Response Evaluation.

This visit is in-depth and typically takes about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Your Second Visit

We do our best to schedule your second visit the next day. In the interim, your chiropractor will carefully review the results of your examination and X-rays, and develop a care plan designed specifically for your needs.

At your second visit, we will go over all our findings and recommendations. We will answer your questions and make sure you understand the underlying cause of any problems and how we aim to address them. You’ll receive your first adjustment and any supportive therapies at this visit. Plan on about 30-45 minutes for this appointment.

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Paying for Care

Connect Chiropractic and Wellness works independently of insurance companies. Our goal is to make care accessible and affordable for everyone. We are partnered with ChiroHealth USA and are happy to provide you with a superbill including diagnostic procedure codes that you may submit to your insurace carrier for possible reimbursement. Our practice accepts all major credit cards, and you may use your health savings account.

Get Started With Care

Contact us today to book your first appointment.

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