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Meet the Doctor at Connect Chiropractic and Wellness

Dr. Nick headshot

Dr. Nick Kepreos

Owner, Clinic Director and Chiropractor

Dr. Nick feels he was born to be a chiropractor. From a young age, he knew instinctively that medications and drugs designed to mask symptoms could not be the right answer for creating health.

Dr. Nick’s first ideas about chiropractic had to do with spinal alignment and pain relief.

His understanding and philosophy evolved as he learned how chiropractic impacts how the brain functions and adapts. Dr. Nick’s best friend suffered a severe concussion and struggled to find answers. When he saw a Chiropractor that focused on his brain, it changed his life.

These experiences shaped Dr. Nick’s journey as a chiropractor, shifting him into a provider who helps patients address executive functions of the brain. Dr. Nick graduated from Life University in 2020. He has since completed training in Advanced Chiropractic Techniques with Professor Carrick of the Carrick Institute as well as becoming a Certified Brain-Based Chiropractor through TruChiro.

Dr. Erin headshot

Dr. Erin Milner Kepreos

Co-Owner and Administration Lead

Dr. Erin began seeing a chiropractor as a child. Then in college, she suffered a severe concussion/brain injury that resulted in pain, anxiety and depression. She saw every kind of doctor imaginable, and nobody could help.

Finally, she went to a Chiropractic Functional Neurologist, who figured out what the underlying dysfunction was and gave her the tools to address the issues. Her physical and mental health improved dramatically, and she knew then that she wanted to become a Functional Neurologist.

Dr. Erin also attended Life University, graduating in 2020. She currently works behind the scenes at the office as the Lead Administrator.

Welcome to Connect Chiropractic and Wellness

After practicing in other clinics for a couple of years, Dr. Erin and Dr. Nick opened Connect Chiropractic and Wellness in 2022, choosing the name because their goal is to help patients restore the brain/body connection.


Away From the Office

When they’re not at work, Dr. Nick and Dr. Erin love to be outdoors—they even got engaged on a hiking trail! They love being on the water, working out and staying active.

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