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About Connect Chiropractic and Wellness


Our Mission

Our mission at Connect Chiropractic and Wellness is to offer natural, innovative treatment for physical and neurological health conditions through expert chiropractic care. Our goal is to educate patients on the importance of the brain-body connection in establishing and maintaining optimal wellness and performance.

Friendly and Engaging

Dr. Nick Kepreos is serious about your health and the care he provides—but he does it in a fun, upbeat way. He strives to keep the atmosphere positive and light, and loves celebrating every small victory with his patients. Dr. Nick and his family are passionate about being involved in the community.

Establishing Roots

Dr. Nick, along with his wife, graduated from Life University in Marietta, GA in 2020. They opened Connect Chiropractic and Wellness here because Shelby Township is Dr. Nick’s hometown, and he wanted to be close to family and serve the community that helped shape him. They’re also looking forward to raising their own family here someday.

dr with patient

Success Stories

Recently, Dr. Nick began caring for a patient who was 13 years old and often unable to get out of bed because of the severe pain she experienced. She had been to doctors and specialists, and nobody had been able to address the cause of her pain. Since starting care, she hasn’t missed a single day of school and has not had any of the debilitating shooting pains in her legs—she can just be a normal teen and enjoy life again!

Brain-Body Connection

Our approach to care focuses on the brain. Why? Because your brain controls and coordinates every system in your body by communicating through your nervous system. When there is a disconnect, or communication between your brain and body breaks down, we can see conditions like anxiety, heart problems, pain, digestive problems, and other diseases. We aim to promote long-term health and longevity by addressing these underlying issues and establish a healthy brain-body connection.

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